Help! Choo leather in distress. Can I fix it?

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  1. Arrghh..I just bought my first Jimmy Choo, a gorgous Tribeca in the ivory Oat color with gold hardware. But after one week (and a thousand compliments), I'm starting to find the leather is distressing and the color is picking up dirt like a Hoover. Can anyone suggest a way to fix this? I'm swear I haven't taken this bag through anything traumatic, but it's starting to look traumatized. Can anyone help?

  2. Sorry I don't own that particular bag, the only information I have ever been given about Jimmy Choo leather care is use no products at all and buff with a soft cloth.

    :shrugs: All I can suggest is you take it to your Jimmy Choo Store and speak to the SA's.
  3. I'm new to posting so I apologize if I'm posting in the wrong place. I bought a JC Rosalie bag about 3 months ago (which I adore), and have found that the interior handles seem to be rubbing a small patch of leather off of the bag. It's as if the inside of the handle is too rough and is just rubbing constantly against it. For anyone that has a JC bag - or a Rosalie specifically - is this normal wear and tear? Or should I be contacting the company to get them to repair? It's really only visible to me, but I hate knowing it's there after so little time!

    Thanks everyone!
  4. Can you take it back to where you bought it and show them? Hard to say without seeing pictures but there have been issues with this bag and the handles.