HELP-Chloe guilt pangs - who needs 'em?

  1. Girls - I have a dilemma that I have to solve fairly soon. I think. Thanks to the invaluable shopping info posted on this forum I have been able to score three Chloe bags since November. One is my ultimate dream bag - the chain handled Betty python in mastic. One is a large belt pocket Paddy in hazelnut and the third is the choco patent chain handled Betty. That last one was a great deal at Bergdorf's on-line. Everybody is telling me to send it back. It certainly would make financial sense to do so. I got so far as to pack it up - return label in hand. But I CAN'T DO IT. I love the thing. Lots of you have multiples of the same style in different colors - don't you? My daughter (a very hip 20 year old) says: "Mom - why have two of the same bag? Get something different." Of course she wants me to get a Stam since she wants to borrow it. My mother says: "I can't sleep at night thinking about your bills. Send the choco back." My sister Susie says (and she has the SAME CHOCO PATENT BETTY PURSE!) : "You don't want two of the same kind?" Friends say: "You don't need it. It will reduce the impact of the python version." All of this makes sense. But.....I just can't give it up. If I did I would let a certain fellow poster know first. It would go to a good home. But its my BABEE!!!!
  2. Hmmm, quite the dilemma. If I were in your shoes, in as much as I love the bag, if I keep hearing those comments from everyone around me, it'll probably drive me crazy! I can imagine how hard it must be on you to return it as I have fallen in love with the Betty too and want one if only I weren't on a purse ban. If it's seriously denting your financial situation, it might be a good idea to return it. Otherwise, if you can manage the expense and are just thrown into guilt by their comments, they'll probably get tired of nagging you eventually and just ultimately drop the issue.
  3. If it is causing a lot of finnancial trouble I would return it. :yes: I would not listen to my family members unless I can't pay my bills. If you can still afford it, then keep it. A lot of us here have the same bag only in different colors. There are several members with paddingtons only in different colors, take a look at the

    How many Chloe items that you own? thread.

  4. You gals are right! I did read that series of posts and I was amazed at how many of us have multiples of the same style in different colors. I think I am going to get them all!! The silverado and the zippy too!! It may take some time but my Mom will just have to stop nagging - something impossible for her - LOL!!!