HELP!! Chloe Ascot purse lost a rivet tab

  1. Hi,

    I am so upset! I bought a Chloe Ascot tote and I have only carried it for about a week and it has already lost one of the little leather rivet tabs on the corner. I have searched everywhere for it with no luck and I have been too many places to retrace my steps. I'm really upset about spending so much money on a purse and then having a piece of it fall apart. Does anyone know if Chloe has a customer service number or if there is anything I can do to replace this little tab? It's a piece that I can repair myself if I have the piece.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I have a similar situation and I haven't been able to get any help from Chloe customer service. They say to take it back to where you bought it and they should help you. I got my bag on eBay so I can't take it back. Did you get it at a dept. store?
  3. I bought it from Bergdorf Goodman online, but I'm in St. Louis and we don't have a BG store here, so would I call customer service?

  4. I would start with Bergdorf online customer service and see what they say. The Chloe boutiques weren't helpful with me stating I didn't buy the bag from them. I'm frustrated and going to try to find a handbag repair store and see if they can help me. Maybe Bergdorf could do an exchange if they have another one?