HELP!! Chevron green or orange??

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  1. hi!

    i just bought chevron orange in patent leather jumbo, but not sure if i made the right choice.
    please help me with choosing! i might exchange it to green.

    orange $3000 jumbo only (patent)
    green $2775 m/l only (lambskin)

    orange is def more fun and unique but it might be too vibrant.
    green is very subtle and pretty but it's too small and lambskin :sad:

    what do you guys think?

    thanks for all the feedbacks!!

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  2. I love orange but I hate patent! I also think the M/L is way too small so I guess I would pick the orange jumbo!
  3. Green lambskin m/l chevron!!!
    The flap looks more proportional on the m/l + the green color is very nice and unique.
  4. thanks for your reply! orange looks gorgeous, but it might pop way too much.
  5. Love the green!
  6. i swore myself no more lambskin bc i need to baby them but green is very pretty!! but too small :sad:
  7. i pick green, looks really nice!
  8. thanks glistenpearls and annie168. you guys still think green is better when it's medium size? won't it be too small?:sad:
  9. I would imagine that orange patent could look fake if just too much of a pop. The green is still unique and gorgeous. I say green is better even when smaller. Good luck! Either way nice new bag!
  10. The M/L is small but I found it's still enough to carry essentials, however if you are thinking to carry it everyday, you may want to get the jumbo. If you are unsure about the orange, how about wait until they have a different color? I love my red M/L and wouldn't exchange it for jumbo even though I have black and bleu roi jumbo.
  11. the red you have is so pretty glistenpearls! i saw the red in chevron patent leather, it wasn't as pretty as i thought. :sad:
  12. The green in patent would be perfect! I like both but I'm leaning towards orange, it's bigger and more fun.
  13. orange is my preference. I don't wear green at all.
  14. I love the orange. I think it makes a bold statement...I would def. hang onto it!!! The patent just makes it all the more alluring! I love it.
  15. i will pick green. its more elegant. orange might looks fake. specially in bigger size... jmho.