HELP Cherry Blossom Pochette owner ....

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  1. I received my Cherry Blossom Pochette from Ebay seller this afternoon. I am freaking out now because I think this bag is fake
    O is 0 in the stamp unlike the one in the auction. How many stitching suppose to be near the stamp area? how many points screws suppose to be?? It has 4 points screws like this + +

    I attached he pics from the auction, and I took the pic of the stamp..
    This seller never answered any emails through her email or Ebay at all...Now I have bad feeling about the bag. Please help what do you think ?

    Help..what should I do if it turned out to be fake?? She's in Canada, paid with paypal, am I protected ?
    cb1.jpg cb2.jpg cb3.jpg cb4.jpg cb5.jpg cb6.jpg DSC04124a.JPG
  2. I can't tell! Your pic isn't as clear as hers and it's a funny angle, could you try to post another pic? Is it supposed to have that alcantara lining? Also, the color of the two tabs looks different, but that might be the lighting.
  3. oh bags...i hope it turns out to be real (I'm not a good pochette expert).
    If it does turn out to be fake....file your claim with paypal IMMEDIATELY. Then you have 10 days to prove it is fake....mypoupette can authenticate for you for $5.
    Once successfully proven it's fake then you will be refunded money (if seller has money in account). I wouldn't give seller a heads up....because then they might empty out their paypal account.
  4. I really hope that it is real! Hopefully one of the ladies here that have this pouchette can help you out...keeping my fingers crossed for you!
  5. You have to take it to a LV store to be sure. That is the best way. I really hope it is real. I think the leather is to dark for an LV bag. But I am not sure
  6. Could you post a pic of the LOUIS VUITTON inside?
  7. The screw inside is suppossed to be a 6-point-screw or hex allen screw. There shouldn't be a LOUIS VUITTON name embossed inside. The fake one has this & also a date code.
  8. Here's a few pics of the cb pochette I used to own for comparision..the tab on this pochette seems to have more stitches than mine?
    IMG_1926.JPG IMG_1919.JPG IMG_1873.JPG
  9. Thanks ladies..

    I thought it's fake because:
    1. there are 7 stiches near the stamp and I saw MPRS pochette and Gergirl only 5

    2. O is 0 in my stamp

    3. the screw inside only 4 points screw instead f 6, it's what look like + + instead of **
  10. I just filed the claim with paypal..
    Now what should I do??
  11. I added more pictures below:
    DSC04126a.JPG DSC04132a.JPG DSC04136a.JPG DSC04139a.JPG DSC04142a.JPG DSC04144a.JPG DSC04146a.JPG DSC04147a.JPG
  12. I would file a complaint with Ebay. How much did you pay? Also did you make sure before you completed your transaction that you were covered by PayPals Buyer Protection Policy? Was the sellers address comfirmed? Also how long ago was this transaction? And did you pay using electronic check withdrawl? If you did you can also have the transaction reversed by your bank. Had the same situation with a seller on Ebay. Hope this info helps!
  13. I can't file complaint throught Ebay yet not until july 19. I received the bag yesterday and claimed through paypal today. I paid through paypal by using debit card from my bank account in paypal showed as credit card payment.

    The item shipped from Canada and she's verified.
    I paid on July 10
  14. It's good you filed a complaint with Paypal. With ebay you have to wait 10 days I think which is more than enough time for someone to clear the account.

    If you used a credit card, file a complaint with your credit card company as well.

    I have been successful all 3 times getting my money back on ebay.

    I also think you should ship the bag back to her (make sure you get a confirmation number). In your next email to her let her know that you have shipped the bag back, that it's illegal to sell fake bags, and that you are awaiting a full refund.

    Good luck and keep us posted.
  15. I paid through Debit card, the money came from my bank account eventhough in paypal showed as credit card payment.