HELP!!! Charmy or Princy??

  1. Charmy! I think they're phasing the whole collection out, get it while you can!
  2. Charmy!! so cute....
  3. i was facing the same decision... i got the charmy!
  4. i got the charmy also.
  5. Charmy all the way..........

  6. Really!!?? The whole collection??? awww my poor bank account. :sad:still no word on pre sale in aus but i have not been or called for a couple of days. so excited can not wait!!!
  7. actually i :love: both!!! :yes: hehehe...hope i can get them too. Have you acually tried them? Are they comfortable even with heavy stuff inside?? Especially the princy since it has rolled straps.
  8. The charmy is so cute.
  9. Which are you going to get?:confused1:
  10. Hmmm.... I don't like either lines... :push: But if I had to choose I would go the Charmy. I do love the Abbey line though. ;)
  11. Wow...the charmy is popular! Thanks everyone for your input! I appreciate it! Actually I'm not getting either of them anymore, I'm getting the small POSITANO (Hawaii exclusive)!! The charmy white trim is sold out. I've always lovvvvvvve the positano and originally it was sold out, BUT someone gave up their positano at my SA's store and he got it for me!!!!! I'm even happier w/the positano than any other bags!!!! I still can't believe I got it...OMG OMG!!! I'M SOOOO EXCITED!!!! :yahoo:
  12. was it on sale? and was it the small version... ?? LUCKY!

  13. Yea it's the small one and according to my SA, it's the Hawaii exclusive version, so I'm extremely excited!!!!! It's on sale for $799, orginally $1345 I think....