HELP! Charbon GGH or Cinn/Mogano GGH

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  1. Help! I am looking for some input. I found GGH in a city and waiting for the SA to send me pictures in about a hour. What do you vote on either of these.
    From what I researched he said the one looks like the Cinnamon which looks very rich and the other the Charbon looks a deeper brown to me. I am so torn! :nuts:
  2. Here my Mogano PT, that I got a few months's a 2007. When I compared it to Charbon, it was hard to tell the difference, but I decided that the Mogano has a red undertone. Look at the picture of my bag, so you'll have it for comparison when you get the photo from your SA.

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  3. COMETE...........Here's my 2007, Mogano PT.......can you see the warm, red undertone?

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    Hmmmm, I like Charbon with SGH and Mogano with SGH or RH (bc the color is so rich by itself that the gold, at least to me, adds too much bling). If it's up to color, I'd do Mogano bc it's a brown that can easily go with blacks, grey, etc. Charbon has more soot-like undertones, so it is a cooler brown, but i've seen it look awesomely sophisticated with dark clothing (it doesn't clash).

    Check out the pics in the Reference and do a search for both these colors with GGH -- sooo many gorgeous pics in that forum to drool over! :nuts:
  5. COMETE...........Here's a closer view of the leather........

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    COMETE.........And, one more picture, just for good measure! I HOPE THESE PICTURES HELP

  7. Thanks Tillie! Your bag is gorgeous! It does appear to have some red undertones. I research in the brown family on here and both look so nice with the GGH I saw. I had sold my Matelasse in Brown and miss her, still have my Black Matelasse, so now I want to get a Brown again. Have to wait on his photos hope he sends in the hour and does not forget! Hoping to get one of them ordered today. :smile:
  8. COMETE......... Let us know what the pictures look like.......maybe you can show us. I can't wait to see what you decide to get!
  9. Get the Cinnamon / Mogano! It's from 07, a year of great leather for BALs :smile:
  10. I will see if I can transfer the pics when he sends them. Waiting and hoping by 12 noon I will get them. I have been looking at pictures and seems the Mogano is sort of close to the Charbon , but some of the Charbon pics also look very dark dark brown one picture almost appeared black? will let you know!
  11. Comete.........What Livy1888 said is true......If you can get a Mogano from should jump on it. It's a very desirable bag that most people would kill for. I didn't have any idea about this when I stumbled upon mine. But, I quickly found out what a "prize" I had. Charbon is a newer bag, and I think is much easier to get. I'd go for the Mogano!
  12. I liked the Castanga!!!