HELP....change my bag again.....can I????

  1. Right i bought a messenger bag on monday and after i took it home and tried it in front of the mirror i found the bag is too bulky for my liking (most prob cos i'm used to the musette)

    Anyway i took it back to LV today to exchange another bag and the SA said there are two more mini mono messenger bag which is similar to size to the mussette and I have decided on that (sorry cant remember what its called) now i am so not sure i want it the mini mono messenger bag.

    Can I change it again???????? I got the bag from the LV store so is not one of those department store.

    Also the leather is colored and i can see the tanned area around the edges is piling, not that obvious but if u look at it very lcosely u can see it and decided this is def not perfect. I want to change it AGAIN, is this ok????/ By the way i live in the UK so does anyone know the policy here?

    Also the SA said i can only exchange my bag with her cos i did not get it in her store. if i require a credit note i will need to go back to the one where i got my bag from. This doesnt sound right to me to be honest.

    Anyway I want to know can i use the piling excuse to change to another bag or i cant because i changed it once already???? also do u think they will sent the bag to repair instead???

    Also the SA said i can only change my bag to a bag similar to the price or over and cannot change it to anything below that price. does it sound right?

    sorry for these questions but this was the first time i have changed my vuitton bag.

    please advice i really need ur help
  2. You can change your bag, there should be no reason to have to do it with one SA, or for a certain amount...or even a store credit, if it is less than 14 days.

    More than 14 days, they can refuse, as that is the stated policy...but most times the will let you exchange or get store credit up to 30 days.

    I have only returned twice, 1 time was from Las Vegas, I returned to Valley Fair, and I ended up getting something much lower in price, and they credited the difference back to my cc.