Help! Chanel Wallet!

  1. [​IMG]

    Hey there people! I need help! Have anyone seen this Chanel Wallet before? Does normal Chanel shops have them or only available in certain places? And if anyone know how much the real thing cost please tell me =)
  2. That looks like a classic piece. I would think $500-650. But not too sure. Sorry I can't help you. Anybody?
  3. The box looks fake. Where did this picture come from?
  4. alright thanks people anyway i would like to understand besides the box, how is the interior of the wallet?? anyone help please!!

  5. I have a black caviar wallet from the same line, but different than what the picture that you posted there.
    I think I paid $650 for it. I'll try to take pics of mine tonight and post it here.
  6. JMHO but it looks off to me, especially the box.