Help! Chanel Reissue or Lady Dior??

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I'm currently hankering for another bag, but I'm torn between the black 226 Chanel Reissue with ghw and the black Lady Dior shw in lambskin. I've been fantasizing about the reissue for six months now but since I got a few other Chanels last year, I haven't pulled the trigger yet. And recently, I fell in love with the Lady Dior bag.

    Here are my concerns about both, so anyone who has one or both, please help me decide!

    Chanel Reissue:
    PROS: Beautiful, Under the radar, lightweight, can be worn cross body (for my height)
    CONS: I'm worried about the quality control issues with Chanel. I've looked at several reissues in the store, and some are more distressed than others, some have more of a tarnished look on the gold, and the sagging bottom bothers me too. I wonder if the bag is worth the hefty price tag?

    Lady Dior:
    PROS: Stunning bag, fits a lot for its size, love the shoulder option, cheaper than Chanel and has excellent quality and customer service
    CONS: I did a lot of research about the bag, and it looks like a lot of people found the opening annoying/painful. I also have not bought/used a handheld bag in a while since I became a mom. Since my daughter is a toddler now, I figured maybe it would be okay since the bag has a shoulder option. However, I don't know if I will find it annoying after a while.

    I currently have a tote, jumbo, M/L, mini, and WOC in my collection. I don't have anything from Dior (except shoes and a scarf). After this purchase, I probably won't be buying my next bag for quite some time--maybe 2 years. Even though I just may get both, I am also thinking about adding a red Chanel M/L one day--not now, but someday, so I need to be really careful about which bag to choose.

    Any advice? I can't decide and have been going back and forth about this for ages now! Thanks so much.
  2. hi there!
    I think it comes down to whether you want a handheld bag or a shoulder bag. I love both Chanel and Dior handbags but I always revert back to shoulder bags because they keep my hands free. You didn't specify the size of the lady dior you are looking into getting, but I always look at LD as more of a handheld purse (even though there is the shoulder strap). Good luck with your decision, I know it's tough! They are both beautiful bags!

  3. I'd advise you to go to Chanel and try on the 2.55 bag and then go to Dior and try on the Lady Dior and let your heart decide. Dior makes gorgeous bags and the lambskin they use is actually more durable than that of Chanel. I have bags from both places and love them all. You really can't lose with any scenario (and you can wear the Lady Dior from your shoulder just as you can the 2.55, carry it on your arm or hand hold it). Have you thought about some color in the Dior instead of black? You didn't say which colors your current Chanel bags are, but if you have a bit of black, please do consider a Dior color. For the red, go with a Chanel flap when you are ready.
  4. I will go with the LD since you already have a few Chanel, it is repetitive imo.
  5. I love Lady Dior and enjoy the beautiful colors Dior comes up with.

    But I feel Lady Dior looks more dressy. Is this the kind of look you are looking for? Not sure what other none Chanel bags you have.
  6. Choose dior because you have a few Chanel's already. I do agree with the opening is tight and I hardly put much inside mine because of that reason but I have absolutely no regrets on buying the bag. I use mine with the strap most of the time because it makes it less formal. If you want handheld you also have the option too. I will recommend you to choose other colours than black. I was like you when I chose mine thinking black was the one but after playing with other colours instore black was no longer on the list. Dior comes come out some yumming colours every season. Here is mine.
  7. I vote for Chanel.

    All your pros and cons make complete sense to me, and I agree 100%. I also like to be hands-free and my son is a toddler as well.

    However, I bought the small LD and as much as I loved to look at it, I found it so annoying that I sold it a couple of months later. It is Not made to be a practical everyday bag if thats what youre looking for.

    Good luck :smile:
  8. Thanks Bluekit! I am looking at the medium size for Lady Dior. Since I would only use this on weekends and evenings out I don't think the large is necessary. Thanks for your help!
  9. Thanks Tutushopper! Actually it's because of you I even thought about Dior and about lambskin. The durability of Dior lambskin is really appealing to a caviar gal like me :smile:.

    As for red, I am extremely picky about the exact shade of red I want so that is why I am content to wait for the right shade. But I think a red Chanel will be in my future...someday.
  10. Yes, I am thinking the same thing...however I can't wear my M/l or jumbo crossbody so this is how I justify it, lol!
  11. The LD is a stunning bag and I would love to add one to my collection some day but because it feels dressier to me and I mainly see it as a handheld ladylike bag, it doesn't fit my current lifestyle. The reissue works well in both a casual and evening setting, and I have the same Chanel bags in my collection as you, yet I don't find the reissue redundant. Lastly although I don't buy my bags with the intention of ever selling them down the road, but it annoys me that Dior unfortunately just doesn't have the same resale value of a Chanel. That said, in general reissues don't resell as much as classic flaps anyway so maybe it doesn't matter. Bottom line, I personally prefer the reissue. You should buy the one you'll get more use out of!
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  12. vote for reissue!
  13. Hi Calflu! I have a bunch of shoulder (LV, Prada, Balenciaga) and satchel bags (BV, LV), but I like the fact that the Lady Dior has both the handheld and shoulder option. However, the Reissue does have the advantage that it can be worn cross body. If I were to buy the LD, I probably would wear it with both casual and dressy outfits. :smile:
  14. Hi Poohbag! It reassures me that you think the reissue is not redundant. I just am wavering because I want a reissue that has the least amount of distressing (I must be the only one, lol) and with shiny gold hardware. I saw one at Saks that had less distressing but a tarnished lock, so that's what I mean about having to hunt down the right one whereas I feel that Dior is more consistent with their products.

    As a fellow mommy, I hear you about the lifestyle thing. I keep telling myself that my daughter won't be a toddler forever so maybe it will be okay...or maybe I should just buy the LD when she's older. Decisions, decisions :smile:
  15. Hi Kaka28! Your purple LD is STUNNING (and purple is my DD's favorite color). I don't remember seeing a purple one recently but then again I didn't ask. I just saw the red and black and preferred the black lambskin over the red patent (I am picky about red--it must be the right shade). But purple...I can do purple. :smile:

    Glad to hear that you can wear it both casually and for dressy occasions. :smile: Thanks for posting the pic. It helps a lot. Every time I see someone with her LD I can't help but swoon!