HELP!!!! Chanel or LV

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  1. I'm having such a problem with deciding on what to get next...
    My husband has set aside $5000 for me for my birthday, Christmas, and valentines present.
    When I went to Chanel I fell in love with the jumbo in patent leather (pink preferable) $5300
    Then there's LV I've always wanted the delightful MM for everyday, I saw the Montana n was in wow! I own a vernis brea mm and LOVE IT (indian rose if u can tell I love pink :biggrin:) is chanel worth it? I've done this before I had money saved up for a new chanel chain me tote 2 years ago and decided that for $3000 I can get an artsy n wallet so that's what I ended up doing. Should I bite the bullet n get the chanel? Or play it safe and buy 2 bags that I know I will use and wallet! :nuts:
  2. hmmm I would get 2 LV's instead of one chanel.....😊
  3. I would go for Chanel for variety :smile: good luck
  4. I love my LVs but Chanel jumbo patents are too stunning to pass up! I think every Chanel lover should have at least one. I have a sexy red in my closet myself and it's the single most complimented bag I own. I'm talking about strangers stopping me on the streets to comment on the bag. This could be annoying depending on how you feel about that kind of attention LOL. But remember, seasonal colors never come back in the exact shade at Chanel. So if you're coveting that precise pink shade, you better get it now. I've never seen my red at Chanel ever again, and it's the most perfect red for me, so I'm glad I bit the bullet and went for it.
  5. Thanks for ur input. I still have 2 weeks to decide. I'm flying home from Vietnam March 12 n it's duty free so hopefully ill save some taxes :shucks: and I know the price increase is going to attack soon :sad:
  6. Thanks I'm leaning towards Chanel at the moment... But still go through phases bc I Lvoe slgs at lv!
  7. I agree! The colors keep changing and on another thread under chanel she has just purchased the most amazing color only thing is hers was lamb skin not patent leather. The pink was to die for!
  8. If you think you'll always want a Chanel, you should bite the bullet sooner rather than later - their price increases are far more insane than LV's!
  9. Do u own any Chanel's? I think I may have to bite the bullet! I own all LVs love them so much! But I'm gonna try for the chanel! I hope their price increase isn't soon? Do u know if there's any anytime soon?
  10. I would go with the bag (s) that you will wear more!!! :smile:
  11. Buy the 2 bags you'll use most. I do think that Chanel jumbos are a classic must-have but I actually hate patent bags... (am planning to get rid of all of mine).
    I used my jumbo as an everyday purse for a while before.
  12. Thanks! So much to debate! It's just so hard now that LVs empreinte line has new colors! And all these reveals on here of everyone's speedy empreinte isnt making this easier LOL :roflmfao:
  13. They also go up so insanely! 4 years ago the jumbo flap bags were $2900 now it's $4900 plus taxes :Pullhair:
  14. I bought a Chanel like 3 years ago and returned it, and always have regretted it! I don't think you will regret a Chanel :smile: The LV will still be around and the price increases on the flap bags are ridiculous like someone explained earlier.

  15. That's very true. I have 2 jumbos and one was under but the other was over $3k. The jumps seem higher than lv but not worth the price hikes to me. I stopped at 2 and not planning on another one, but happy to have the 2 in my collection. Perhaps get one before it goes over $5k!