HELP!!! CHANEL newbie is looking for ...

  1. Luxury Bowler (like the one in the pic but in any color)


    (I am not even sure that's the name :shame: )!!! Are they still in stores or am I too late?
  2. The one that Elle is carrying almost looks like the Large. It comes in 3 sizes. Medium is the most sought after size.
  3. Thank you so much, ladies!:kiss:
  4. Irene, I see you're slipping over to our side for a change!
  5. :graucho: Tammy, I am trying to diversify!!!:wlae:
  6. anyone know the dimensions of the Medium and Large sizes???
  7. ^^^ Yes, please. Can some one please post the dimensions. I would love to know the difference.
  8. Be careful because this same exact bag is what completely sold me to Chanel! I've been hooked ever since.
  9. So nice to see you on's where I've been for a while, but I still visit LV a litle too.

    Anyway, I think Seattle Nordstrom has them and if not I know they are getting them bc my SA sent me the lookbook. I work with Federick and he will do anything to help find what you want.

    Good luck LV!
  10. Hi Irene, it's a gorgeous bag. I think you won't have trouble finding it. It's nice to see u here.