Help! Chanel luxury bowler in bronze or red?

  1. Hey all!

    I am currently having a major dilemma: should I get the Chanel luxury ligne bowler in bronze or in red? Or, should I get neither and just wait? My hesitation with the red is that it will stain. I live in NYC and ride the subway and would HATE to see something spill on it, but I have wanted a red bag for ages. The bronze is also GORGEOUS. I almost always wear black and white, if that helps.

    The other bag I had been looking at was the Balenciaga Brief in red or black...sorry I know this is the Chanel thread but the choice is between these three really...Oh, and I have five Chanels - the Cerf, the modern chain tote the reissue, the classic shopping tote and the 2.55 all in black except the reiusse which is gray.

    Thanks for your help and sorry this is so long!
  2. How about getting the bronze Chanel and the red Balenciaga ??
  3. OMG, I totally would but I leave for Europe in 2 weeks and can only get one right now :sad: SOB! I know, so sad! But the choice was between going to Berlin, Prague and Copenhagen or another handbag, and as I have tons already, the trip won, lol.
  4. I have the Luxury bowler in red, it's the long narrow version. I use this bag pretty often. I live in NJ so I have the same weather as you do in NY. My bag has been rained and snowed on too. Theres not a mark on it. I wear a lot fo black and white too, and I find red goes beautifully. Here's a pic of my bag (it's ina collection photo), but I swear it looks as new as the day I go it (over a year ago I think).

  5. RED! Its amazing.
  6. I love that pic Dawn !!
  7. Wow your bags are BEAUTIFUL! I am thinking the red. I have been craving another red bag ever since I sold by red Paddington (just got tired of it and bought new Chanels with some of the proceeds!).

    That is good to know abut the weather. Alleviates some of my fears about the red, which was my main hesitation. THANK YOU!
  8. I just called Bergdorf's and thankfully they have the red left! :smile:
  9. Lamb, that bag is so amazing in red.
  10. I forgot to add that I probably would buy the bronze to start and then get the red.
  11. Red! If you wear a lot of black & white, then a red bag would just stand out perfectly. :yes:
  12. I like the bronze because it's slightly metallic, and I think the grained calfskin (I assume the bronze you're looking at is from the Cruise collection?) feels strong. I have the dark silver luxury flap and a bronze deerskin bowler and love both. I love the slightly metallic sheen on both.
  13. I like both, but the red is vibrant!
  14. Red looks stunning w/black and white. It adds a beautiful splash of color to your outfits.
  15. I am liking the red! it pops! :love: