Help! Chanel jumbo single flap owners

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  1. hey there, I am hoping you can help. I've recently purchased a pre-loved Chanel single flap jumbo and the serial number begins with #17 which suggests that the manufacturing date was end of 2012/13. My question is, did anyone here buy a brand new single flap jumbo either late 2012/13 in a Chanel boutique? I'm concerned that this serial number may be too late given it was discontinued near this time....all other parts of the pre loved bag seem to be perfect, I just want to make sure this serial number is possible for this now-discontinued style. Thanks so much!! A
  2. Nope. Latest Single Flap before discontinuation should be 139xxxxxx - 140xxxxxxxx or so. end of 2010, early 2011. Have authenticated.
  3. My single flap's # starts with 12 so no help here. Sorry! good luck
  4. Definitely have it authenticated. I have two single flaps (9A & 10C), and one of them was purchased from the boutique the season before they changed over to double flaps. Both are 13 serial numbers.