Help: Chanel gold vs LV gold

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  1. Hi,

    I'm so confused. Love them both. Please help.

    I needed/ wanted a smaller blingy bag as I have mostly larger classic flaps, old medium boy and even LVs.

    Which one do you prefer? Love the mini but not sure about the durability of this softer metallic caviar? Love the LV too, but do you think it would look dated after a while?




    I do have a rose gold WOC but no small LVs - photo attached.

  2. I like the Chanel mini. The gold is subtle and elegant. Simply gorgeous! The gold color of the LV twist seems a bit much imo. Good luck deciding!
  3. Another vote for the Chanel mini. It is beautiful! :smile:
  4. Omg where did you get the rose gold woc from?! It TDF
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  5. i prefer the Chanel by far! then again, i usually prefer Chanel over LV
  6. The gold mini looks stunning on you. I also love your woc!! I am not an LV girl, tbh.

  7. I agree
  8. Chanel all the way in this case. It is subtle and beautiful gold.
  9. Another vote for Chanel! It's more elegant and understated so it will last a lifetime. Plus it looks great on you! I hate to be negative but the LV looks a little tacky -- too shiny and the twist lock is disproportionately large.
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  10. Chanel! My Dh also said the color is very pretty and versatile.
  11. Rose gold woc is gorgeous!
  12. I prefer the Chanel. The LV logo is so obvious and so present... Whereas the Chanel remains classy.
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  13. +1. The gold of the Chanel is subtle and elegant. I find the gold of the LV a bit jarring.
  14. Both are gorgeous. Chanel gets the nod. The chain is a little dressier and the bag is just oh-so-classic! I want that bag too!
  15. I love the LV twist but in noir, blueberry or denim color. In this case, I love the Chanel mini.