HELP! Chanel Espadrilles!

  1. Hi,

    I am in desperate need of help!! I am desperately looking for the Chanel Espadrilles in the black mesh in a size 37. Does anyone know of any location or awesome sales associate that I could talk to to help me track a pair down? Because I have called a couple of stores already and they were just so rude to me, I felt as if they think I am wasting their time :sad: Anywhere in Canada or US, I would greatly appreciate the help!!

    Thanks in advance!! :love:
  2. I bought the white and black yesterday @ Saks...You could try there... they do run small...I'm returning a pair of black 39 and White & Black 39... I purchased the canvas last year in a 39 but the leather I had to go up to a 40.. I'm looking for the White & Black leather not mesh...
  3. I don't know if they have your size, but they were in store at the Toronto stand alone location. Ask for Phay or Lori to help you, they are both awesome. Tell them Nicole referred you. HTH
  4. ahh thank you soo much! do you possibly have the phone number for the stand alone location?! sorry i'm just not familiar with it...
  5. which Saks location are you referring to?! and if you have a phone number?
    thanks soo much for your help!!
  6. I have felt the same about the SA being rude to me and making me feel that I'm wasting their time! I've called several stores to ask if they have any espadrilles and they have all bar one said "no and we don't know what stock will be coming in if any!" What the hell are you suppose to do! The one store that had my size wouldnt send them out due to these shoes being targeted by the 'gray market'. I cant get to every store to check myself. I have to work like everyone else to afford this stuff! Asking for my details and trying to locate a pair in my size surely can't be that hard and isn't that their job!

    I hope you manage to find some soon. Please post pics when you do..good luck
  7. I think it's 416-925-2577
  8. That is quite absurd. If that's the attitude they want to take, then perhaps it's time to find other shoes (I do know that the ones I have seen on eBay were for ridiculous amounts of money that you'd have to be really desperate to pay), or other stores. You have every right to be treated as the paying customer that you are. If they don't treat you that way, perhaps it's time to send a letter off to corporate and let them know how you feel and that you just might take your patronage to another designer. :smile: sells traditional and leather espadrilles, all under $100, with most half that. :smile:
  9. They had some in Calgary. I had them on hold but went with another style, this was 3 weeks ago though, try calling!!
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    Ive just re-read my rant and I sound so annoyed don't I! Im more frustrated really and it's because I can't get hold of a pair that makes me want them more.....

    ...the SA haven't been rude really, just sound slightly bored and unhelpful and haven't offered to assist me further. They just say no we don't have any and want to get off the phone ASAP....maybe it's me? Ill give it one more week......after all they're just overpriced shoes and i can put the money towards something more worthwhile..:smile: thanks tutu
  11. You are welcome. It's hard sometimes when one is frustrated at not being able to find something or getting help to do so. *hugs* If you don't find them after a week, that website (the store is actually in Canada) had some really lovely shoes! :smile:
  12. Your so sweet, thank you :smile: I'll check out the website and let you know what happens...
  13. I purchased the mesh in white & black 39 and black.. they were to small.. I was able to get the 40 in both pairs.. I'm sending back my 39's if thats your size.. I'm sending them back to Saks Short Hills (Isaac)
  14. I saw this last week at saks either in bloomingdales in south coast plaza, CA or the chanel boutique in south coast plaza.. Not sure which sizes are available though

    boutique: (714) 754-7455
    bloomingdales: ((714) 824 4721