HELP!!! Chanel emergency!!

  1. Hey-hey-hey-hey ladies (any Beastie Boys fans???)...I digress...sorry! Okay, so a friend-of-a-friend is getting divorced & unloading some of her high-end stuff for a pretty good price...but the bag I like I really don't know much about. So, I had my girlfriend get a couple pics so I can get some general info if possible!! So, anyone know anything about this bag? Like does it look correct at a glance (I know...I need interior pics, etc.) but before I get too entrenched I wanted basics. How much is the it a diamond stitch flap??...does it look right? etc. Anyone available to help me?? THANKS!!!! You guys have helped me immensely with my last few purchases!! :heart:
    chanel diamond stitch3.JPG chanel diamond stitch (2).JPG
  2. I think this is a le marai flap. There should be a thread in the reference library about these bags. If I'm not wrong, this bag probably retailed over 2k. I hope someone else more knowledgeable can help you!
  3. Yeah, if you check the reference library and click on the Le Marais link, you can see pics and info on other bags from this ligne. I think this style flap was around $2500. I'm so jealous! I've been wanting one of these in flap or messenger. I can't believe your friend is selling hers...ah such gorgeous leather. I guess it pays to have fashionable friends :smile:
  4. ^ It is! And I love it! Such a pretty color.
  5. this is the les merais flap in grey
  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I am always in complete AWE of how much you all know! Thanks to this forum I have had an AMAZING shopping year in 2007 (although my DH migt not agree:graucho:) and I am looking forward to even more fantastic purchases in 2008!!