HELP! Chanel Diana flap from boutique patina

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  1. Hi All. I've decided to purchase a Chanel Diana in medium. Came across a good deal here:

    Have seen mixed reviews on BP so would like your opinions.

    I'm not asking to authenticate but just need to know opinions on whether it's normal for the logo on the clasp to be on the right? I've only ever seen it on the left before!

    Any other comments are appreciated! The pictures on the link seem too good to be true so I'm abit hesitant.
  2. I'm no expert but I've never seen it this way either...

  3. Thank you for the link!

    I did post it in the authentication thread too, but wanted to start a topic for quick opinions. Worried that the bag would be gone soon :P
  4. I've tried to contact her 3 times this past week about a bag I'm very interested in. No response at all. Does she not get back to potential buyers? I've never bought from there before so it's my first experience. Thanks!
  5. I've been pleased with BP, and wouldn't hesitate to purchase from her. Additionally, BP has a guarantee of authenticity, 2x money back guarantee. With the mention of previous issues with BP, my interest is high in reading about that issue, can someone reference a link for me, please.
  6. +1

    a few times i have asked her a question and she never responds. not sure why but i now avoid her listings. i have read people had favorable experiences, but my experience w/her communication is poor. i've contacted her maybe 3 times about bags and she never responds.

  7. I've had the same experience, unfortunately.
  8. I bought from bp before and while the experience was fine, I found the bag to be described as better condition than it actually was. Maybe I just have too high standards, but I eventually sold it and took a $ loss, and found another for the same price in MUCH better condition.

  9. I may be a minority but I have got to stick up for Theresa as I have purchased from her 3 times including 2 birkins and she is 100% my favorite buyer to work with. I know a lot of times for me the best way to get ahold of her is not email but texting her through the number she provides on her site and she responds almost immediately everytime! She is the best reseller I have ever worked with! Hope that helps! Oh also I have had both my birkins I purchased from her authenticated by bababebi and my chanel's from enticeler authentications and all have been 100% approved no problems!
  10. My jumbo has its hallmark there. Mine is from 2008 and
    Made in France:smile:
    I WOULD ask her if the bag has ever been re dyed!:smile:

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  11. I bought a vintage jumbo flap from BP that was listed as in "Very Good" condition but was actually in excellent condition when I received it.

    Also, I use the little chat widget on her site to contact her and she responds to me fairly quickly. Her free Etinceler authentication after the transaction is also a plus for me.
  12. I got my vintage caviar 11" Diana just 2 mths ago from her. I texted & she got back right away. She helped me to chase the Fedex guy too as he missed deliver to me. Anyway, did you text her? I think she responses to text faster. Good luck. I love the bag & Im pleased with its condition. I will be happy to buy from.her again

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  13. Thanks all for the replies!

    BP has gotten back to me already and unfortunately the bag has been sold!

    Will keep a lookout for a diana flap in mint condition. Let me know if you guys come across any :smile:
  14. She always seems to have them in stock. I see excellent condition ones every few months or so.