HELP!-Chanel Dark Silver Pumps

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  1. Does anyone know who carries these shoes? I have been looking all over for them but no such luck. Thanks in advance!:heart:
    (Photo from eBay)
  2. OMG! I was crushing on these when I saw them at the Saks in San Antonio in August. I am not sure if they are still there (I don't live there, was there on business) but they are amazing in person!
  3. Wow these are divine... let us know if and where you find them. I'm thinking I might need a pair too!
  4. I'm returning mine because there's a small dent on the bottom of the left heel. I'm a bit of a perfectionist:shame: If you don't mind, you can get it after I return it. By the way, it was on sale for 455, it might be a better deal now.
  5. Neiman Marcus had those as did Saks awhile ago. No idea if they are still there. (NM may have been a different color combo... can't remember.)
  6. some nordies carry this chanel shoe..i love the slingback version too
  7. I tried these on a while ago. I don't know if they would still be available. I remember they were at NM.
  8. I also returned mine although they look so hot but the toe area was too tight for my right foot. I returned a size 37 at SCP Saks