HELP! Chanel crisis!

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  1. I just bought the Chanel jumbo double flap in fuchsia 14s. I finally decided to take it out for the day... And ITS SO HEAVY!!! I have my Agenda/planner, iPad mini, wallet and charger. Am I carrying too much or is this bag just too heavy for me... Help should I return it or should I keep it!

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  3. I'm gonna say … that iPad is probably wearing you a down a bit!! I have a few jumbos and don't really notice that they are too heavy, but I don't carry very heavy stuff in them … two wallets (one's a card case), a little makeup bag, cell phone, keys …

    That's one hell of a beautiful bag. I might just carry the iPad separately and keep it! Both the bag and the wallet are beautiful!!
  4. I have to agree with Vaninnocent. I think you are over stuffing the bag. If I need to carry extra stuff (in addition to wallet, makeup case, keys, phone, sunnies), I just take a tote or extra bag with me. I think the fuchsia is so gorgeous. Don't return it!
  5. Well I don't think you'll be able to return it anymore since you brought her out :sad: But Jumbos are pretty heavy already when it's empty. But I'm pretty sure the iPad is what's making it even heavier. Also, when using my jumbos I always carry a small wallet. That might help too!
  6. I think a normal weight of a caviar jumbo is about 3 lbs. Lambskin should lighter than caviar. So what you put inside your flap will add up the weight. I also put ipad mini, wallet, phone, keypouch and makeup bag in my jumbo as well. It's a bit heavy, but acceptable.

  7. UGH UGH. UGH. It's too late to return it after all your stuff has been in it and you've worn it out. Let me leave this thread...
  8. Lol! I agree!!!!
  9. I agree I think need to carry less, iPad probably makes it heavy. I am not in favor of returning bags after you have used.
  10. It is a very pretty bag though and I'm not even normally a pink person.
  11. your charger is very cute, but it also adds some weight. I would stay with basic one while caring this purse
  12. Love both your bag and wallet! May I ask where you found the wallet?
  13. You took it out for the day... It's yours IMO :smile:
  14. +1