Help: chanel classic jumbo, reissue 227 or celine trapeze

  1. i have a trapeze and a jumbo. the jumbo can;t be my everyday bag bec it fits so little
    the trapeze i love bec it can fit my everyday things (2 wallets, small makeup bag) and i can also put in a shawl with no problem

    so wanting a reissue 227 though.
  2. I know that the 227 reissue has a larger depth than the classic but is shorter in length. Does the slight edge in depth make it roomier than the classic?
  3. Definitely a reissue! So classic and extremely more durable than your classic flap. I think the quilts will become less puffy if you use it as an everyday bag! Good luck deciding!
  4. I think the Jumbo would be a Great choice for Everyday, I use my jumbos for everyday use & they hold up great:p
  5. I have both the classic jumbo and the celine trapeze. I took a side-by-side pic for size comparison:biggrin:


    I use both bags as everyday bags, and love both. The trapeze is much more spacious - this bag can hold a lot! However, looking at your list of usual items, I think these things will also fit fine inside a jumbo. You likely won't be able to use a bag organizer inside your flap, because, as you mentioned, it would definitely eat up too much space. While the jumbo doesn't look too small on the outside, space inside is limited due to the more rigid structure of the bag. Nonetheless, I still find that it holds enough for me to use as an everyday bag. I don't think there is much that needs to be said for the classic flap - the bag speaks for itself.:cloud9: It's classic, timeless and a staple piece in any collection. The trapeze is also, imo, one of the most artistic new handbag designs of the decade. It comes with a strap and can be worn on the shoulder, or on the crank of our arm or handheld.

    I do, however, prefer the classic jumbo to the reissue 227 because the jumbo is a more structured bag. The reissue, with use, will flatten much more so than the classic jumbo. While this is all a part of the design, the jumbo as a stiffer bottom (newer jumbos also have stiffer sides) that prevents this from happening.

    Either way, I think you can't go wrong;) Let us know what you decide!
  6. Thanks. Your insight is very helpful! And so are the rest of the tpfers. I'm sure you girls have been through what i'm going through at the moment -- indecision. I surely hope I will get them all eventually but one at a time. I think I'm more likely to go with the jumbo classic for now. But who knows what I'll think tomorrow... Lol.
  7. Just an update. I was very lucky to find a brand new chanel jumbo single flap last week. I'm absolutely in love with my bag. :heart:
  8. Chanel Caviar Jumbo :tup:
  9. i have the trapeze (depending on the leather, it could be too delicate to carry for everyday) as for the jumbo I think for what you need, you should get a classic jumbo w/single flap. its so convenient and easy to get in and out of and roomy inside.
  10. congrats!! what color did you get?
  11. You are lucky to find a new single flap, and it will hold up more than the DF. Would like to know what color did you find?
  12. Thanks! I got it in black caviar with ghw.
  13. yaay!!!! mod pics please!!!

    enjoy your bag! i hope it's everything you want!
  14. Oh yes! I love it for sure!!! I'll post some mod pics soon! I don't know how to upload from my phone. 😝