Help!! Chanel caviar flap price

  1. Is there anyone out there who knows the price of a Chanel black caviar classic flap bag in small or/and medium? I live in UK but if anyone knows the price in dollars i can simply transfer it into pounds. Any help would be much appreciated as I REALLY want to get this bag but I am too shy to phone up or go to the store and ask for pirces. Thankyou in advance xxx
  2. You shouldn't be shy. They are just people. They want to help you and get the sale. The medium in US dollars was 1495 when I bought mines back in March, but the price may have gone up 100 dollars since then. I would check out the reference guide because a lot of us have put up our flaps with the prices there.
  3. small (9" wide) US$1475
    med (10" wide) US$1595

    last i checked anyway
  4. I just call to order one yesterday, my SA said that they had just increased the price like 3 weeks ago, ( he said that he too did not know in advanced it was done in their system by HQ)

    Now the medium lamb skin is 900 GBP ( two month ago I paid for 805 GBP, can you believe how much the price went up in % !! I almost change my mind because of chock )

    and caviar is 850 GBP (I think it was around 720 or so )

    The small one I would guess apprx. 100 £ below the medium,
  5. Wow, I didn't know they inflate fast in such a short amount of time.