Help! Chanel Cambon Question

  1. Was the Cambon multi-pocket ever released with the chain/leather strap? Or was it only ever released with the rolled leather strap?

    In other words, did this:


    Ever come with a strap like this:


  2. There is the Cotton Club Reporter that has the chain....?
  3. I just saw this at Neiman Marcus Las Vegas yesterday. The Chanel boutique there had a reporter in the cotton club blue with the chain & leather straps. I really prefer the old straps though. The reporter is a bulky enough bag without adding the weight of the chains. Just my opinion though.
  4. they're 2 totally different lignes. . . ons was not replaced by the other.
    Cambon's have knotted leather straps, Cotton Clubs have chain/leather straps.
    Both bag styles look similar, but they're completely different lignes, seasons, etc. . . . .