Help! Chanel Bag caught in the Rain!

  1. Hi Ladies,

    My chanel metallic black Luxury Bowler was caught in the rain today. It was all wet! What should I do now? It looks fine now but I really don't want my bag to lose it shape and growing moulds..Pls help!

  2. It will be fine. Just let it dry naturally. As long as it didn't soak through the inside and get completely drenched, it should be no worse for the wear. I own the metallic black flap and it is a very hardy leather.
  3. shouldn't be a problem at all! my metallic black luxe bowler has been caught in torrential downpours and has actually gotten soaked through but its still absolutely good as new after i quickly and gently dried it off with a soft towel and left it in my warm room! like roey says, its a pretty hardy leather :yes:

  4. It wasn't completely drenched but it was wet, I was standing and walking in the rain (with an umbrella) for 2 hours while lining up to buy the "I'm not a plastic bag" bag. Let's hope there are no mould growth! eeee.. :sad:

  5. Thks nightshade, I will do just that. I've stuffed some papers and left it in a room. It does seems pretty dry now..hehe