HELP :( Celine Box bag or Chanel flap bag? Miu Miu mini bow or Alexa?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I've been indulging myself in this guilty pleasure since I joined the forum. Now i'm facing a dilemma and I need your help. I'm battling between the Celine Box bag or the classic Chanel 2.55?

    And another dilemma: Miu miu mini bow or Alexa? I like both, but apparently if i wanna go for one of the first question i'll have to give up one.

    I don't carry a lot - my purse, keys, phone, and maybe a tiny book. and i'm petite, i'm just 1m6 tall.

    please help. thank you and have a great day :P
  2. Celine Box
  3. Alexa!!
    I love Chanel flap,as it is more classic and you are going to have many many years..But Celine is gorgeous bag and looks classic but i don't know if it is a it-bag or a classic..Generally,both of them are gorgeous..
  4. i agree with Kitty. usually i love Chanel but i've really been feeling the Celine items. so Celine & the Alexa
  5. thank you ladies. i was wondering if i should invest my money into the box bag, as i'm not sure if it's gonna be an it bag or not. but it's way too cute :sad:
  6. ^i'm guilty! me too! sorry coco :shame:
  7. Celine for SURE and Alexa...
  8. Celine box and Miu Miu mini bow!
  9. Celine Box and Miu Miu Bow
  10. Although the Celine box is gorgeous I would say Chanel as its a Timeless Classic
    Alexa, just love it!
  11. chanel flap & alexa, or chanel flap and celine box
  12. Chanel and Alexa.
  13. Celine box and Alexa. Beware with Alexa though, there has been some issues with quality control lately.
  14. I would keep Alexa and get rid of Miu Miu, and choose Chanel instead of Celine Box. Celine Box is popular now but I don't know how long this treand will last. Also I cannot stopping thinking the Box looks like a face. The two patch handles are the eyes, the zipper is the mouse and the zip pull is the tongue. LOL
  15. Definitely Celine Box bag and Alexa