Help! Celine Belt Bag in Micro or Mini?!

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  1. Hello,

    I am new to the purse scene and recently fell in love with Celine bags. I was originally between the luggage and the belt bag. Now i think I'm set on the belt bag in taupe! My only issue now is i don't know whether to get it in the micro or mini size. Any suggestions from those who have either size would be a huge help!
  2. Hi,
    I bought a Belt bag in fall of 2018. At first i got the micro, but when i got home i realised that its to small! Its the same size as the Mulberry Alexa i have, and never use because the size is to awkward for me! Its to big for just wallet, keys, phone, glasses, but to small to add lunchbox or a book like Michelle Obamas "Becoming".

    So i changed it for the Mini, it fits my needs much better. And it also looks better on my frame, the micro looked weird somehow with its size. So for me Mini and Nano are the "good" sizes of the belt bag...
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  3. Tell us more about yourself maybe? Height would help. As would purpose of the bag - school, work, social nights out?
  4. I’m 5’9” healthy weight. I want to have another option as an everyday bag or bag that will pair well with neutral outfits where I want taupe over black. Right now I’m still using my super old Michael Kors Sutton Small Satchel that I got as a gift in college. Sometimes it can be a bit small when I stuff it full, but it generally works for me. Measurement wise it seems to be roughly the size of the micro, but with nice bags like these I see a lot of people go for the bigger ones (such as the mini).

  5. Well, I went for the Mini because I needed something for school/work that could comfortably hold an ipad + potentially a lunch tupperware. As someone who is 5’7”, I generally find the Mini looks proportionate for me in terms of a day bag, while the micro seems more versatile and can go from day-to-night, the nano has always felt too small for me once my gigantic wallet went in.

    I don’t know if that helps BUT there are photos in the Belt club that might help you decide as well :smile:
  6. I' 6ft tall and athletic (not curvy) and Mini size is fine, not too big, proportionate.
  7. I owned the Mini and two days later I returned it because I couldn't stand the size. It looks cute but it's such a hassle to get in and out of, also you constantly bump into people when you wear it on your shoulders.. it seems to work for some people but I'm definitely not one of them. I want a completely carefree bag

    I have two Nano belt bags because I didn't like the strap length on the Micro. But the Nano already fits a lot of things for day to day so since the Micro is a big bigger, I think it would make the perfect everyday bag
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  8. I've got a Micro and I love it, I find the size is perfect for me. And love that you can wear it cross body. You need to be able try both on though I'd say.
  9. Micro is a great size. And it is large. The mini is HUGE to my mind. I also love the Nano as an easy crossbody bag.
  10. biggest difference between mini and micro is Micro can be worn crossbody (longer strap) and Mini only has a short shoulder strap.
    I personally find the micro size looks too bulky for crossbody bag, so you might end up just carrying it with the handle. i think mini size looks better both carrying by hand or wear on shoulder.

    hope this helps!
  11. i'd say nano belt is the perfect size.
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