HELP!!! CC still with Chanel

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  1. Hi,

    I need everyone's help on this if they have experienced it.

    I live in Dubai, I ordered and gave my CC details to Chanel Boutique in the US for my purchase of the red bag and cancelled on the same day since someone bought me the same bag.

    It's been three days already from my cancelled order but the bank has still not returned my credit of 2750 usd for the bag since Chanel has not claimed yet that they voided transcation? How long should I wait?

    I emailed and asked the copy of the void transaction from the SA who assisted me but no reply from her. The bank said if I have the copy of the void transcation they could return back the money so I could use my CC. I only have one CC and its for emergency use... :sad:

    I really need to have the money back in my CC.

    Please advise.. TIA:heart:
  2. Anyone??
  3. It is not unusual for it to take 3-7 business days for a credit from a vendor, in this case Chanel, to appear as a creidt with your bank/credit card. I would attempt to confirm with Chanel that the bag was credited and then you just have to wait until the credit appears. It will likely work out.
  4. oh no, really? never thought it would take that long...
  5. yes. it can take even longer. when i was working in hotel and to reverse the incidental charges on customer credit card, it will take up to 2 weeks. it all depends on the bank processing time. You might want to check with your bank how long does it take for credit reversal to happen, especially this is a cross country reversal.
  6. You can ask the SA to fax you a copy of the credit receipt for the cc refund.
    CC numbers are xxxx out on the receipts - so no security issue in having her fax it to you. So, you have a copy of it - if needed.
    If SA doesn't respond to you - ask for manager.

    Good luck !:tup:
  7. yes, it can take anywhere from as little as 3-5 business days to up to 2 wks for the credit to show up on your statement. i would just wait.
  8. thank you ladies for all your help...