Help--caviar looks dull, is it fine?

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  1. Hi guys, I just ordered a Le boy medium o case from a SA and received it today! But I found out the caviar looks soooo dull compare with my card case! Is it normal! Does it look fine to you? Thanks
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    Looks like your o case is from the 16A/2016 Pre-Fall collection. There has been extensive discussion about the finish of this caviar being more matte looking than prior years' caviar. Check the thread in the Chanel Shopping for 2016 Pre-Fall and maybe do a search of this forum too. I think the general consensus is that it's just a matter of preference and durability doesn't appear to be an issue. Congrats on your o case!

    Edited to attach a few links for you with info on this caviar:
  3. I personally do not like the dull caviar, but it's a matter of preference. If it bothers you, I would reach out to ur SA to see if there are any other o cases
  4. I purchased a le boy small zip wallet in caviar. It was very matte compared to my classic caviar small zip. The feel of the leather is also different even though they're both caviar. I kept mine. It did not really bother me and I still love it. I like that it matched with my calf cardholder so the matte works for me with my wallet. If you don't love it and if it bothers you, then you probably should return.
  5. I think it is personal preference whether you like the matte or shiny - however I have a caviar WOC which was more on the matte side when I first got it, but is now quite shiny with use.
  6. I agree it is a matter of preference. Me personally I like a sheen to my caviar leather. Just this week I went into the boutique to pick up my Jumbo with SHW (already paid for) and it was dull. I passed on. It broke my heart to leave the boutique without the bag. But the fashion angels did not sing when the purse was presented to me. I am now waiting for the next shipment to arrive. My SA was very patient with me and now understands exactly what I want. You should be happy--no ecstatic with your purchase. I too think you should reach out to the SA for a different case.
  7. I recently learned that there are at least 4 different types of caviar (who knew?!). Anyway, I just got a black caviar card holder and it is completely different from my caviar square mini. Both are shiny, but the card holder is much more rough and rigid than the mini, which is much softer and even smoother. It's all a matter of preference. I prefer shinier caviar. If you don't love it, I would wait for another batch to see if u prefer that kind better. Here's a pic of what I mean! U can see that the grains are really different as well. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1468469770.927158.jpg
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  8. hmmm.. before i got my jumbo this past weekend from Saks BH,i had actually inquired at Chanel in Neiman Marcus (818 area) about the black caviar shw jumbo and the SA there told me that they are waiting for shipment but that the stock they will receive is more of "washed caviar" which would be more matte..( his description) so i didnt go back to that boutique..i guess there are different types now that one has to ask all the probing questions to get the desired leather :biggrin:
  9. That mini is TDF
  10. Yes I just saw a caviar brown boy also, I love caviar but that brown caviar was really dull. Everyone above seems rite. Guess it's a matter of preference. I really love the caviar on the mini above! That's super gorgeous!
  11. I think I hit 4 types of caviar potentially, but maybe there's more than 4? (Since i know for sure i don't have the suede caviar nor the washed caviar mentioned), but the 4 of mine below are all different look and feel. "WHAT?!?!" My classic M/L is smooth shiny classic caviar, card case is different more "raised" but shiny -exactly like ceedoan's so didn't attach photo, the messenger bag caviar is SUPER shiny deep black (more so than my classic M/L) and a rougher feel when touched and not as puffy as the M/L, while the dark silver jumbo is sturdy but much more pronounced looking grained caviars and not as smooth (though it's shiny under light and reflect is really well and changes color quite a lot though). the chevron blue caviar is much more smoother like you don't even feel the grains at all (even more so that the one photo'ed here) but I wonder if that's just a chevron thing.

    See photos for reference:
    20151219_214034_resized.jpg 20150627_170629_resized.jpg 20150907_133724_resized.jpg
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  12. I love matte caviar. This looks like the case..