help: caviar 2.55 feels bulky under my arm


Sep 27, 2006
please look at the pictures attached. when I carry it double-strapped, it feels very bulky under my arm. Does anybody else have this problem with the caviar or am I not carrying it right? now I wish I got the lambskin instead **drops head**


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cantina2001, the way you are wearing the bag looks perfectly fine to me. in fact, i think it looks great on you with those outfits. :yes:
i don't know if switching to lambskin will help that much other than lambskin is alot softer than caviar?
that's a great bag! i have a black one and initially i thought it was bulky. i got used to it, in fact it fits nice and snugly there now. it won't be too long, give it a shot. plus, you don't want a smushed bag though i think the lambskin holds itself well too. :biggrin:
I have this bag in the classic and reissue and I don't find them bulky at all. I have the jumbo in each. I think the distressed leather gives a little more though.

I think this bag looks terrific on you!!! Maybe, you just need to get used to it for a couple of days. If it doesn't feel right then, I would try maybe a smaller size or different leather.

Good luck.