Help... Cashmere Mafia this week... what Chanel was that?

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  1. Hi all - I was wondering if any of you saw this week's episode of CM... Bonnie Somerville (Caitlin, the blonde) was carrying this black quilted tote/satchel during her meeting with her girlfriend's ex-girlfriend at a bar/restaurant. Does anyone know if that was a Chanel, and if so, which model? I wish I could find a screenshot but I can't... any help would be much appreciated, thanks so much!!
  2. that was a chanel? i thought that was a gorgeous bag...why do you think that was a chanel?
  3. I think it was the Lady Braid Satchel.
  4. ^^ I think so too.
  5. there was already another thread about this bag, I copied the pic, it's the new lady braid satchel in black distressed lambskin. I think it was $2995.

    pretty much sold out byt you can try chanel #800

  6. ^^ ohhhhhhhhhhh that's gorgeousssssssss.........
  7. what a gorgeous bag!
  8. it's so wide, looks better handcarried IRL as opposed to on the shoulder! IMO of course!
  9. I actually just saw this bag at Palo Alto NM today. The SA showed me the dark gray one and told me that this bag still in their system and she can order the black one if I wanted it. I liked the style, but the bag is really too big for my taste. Bunkie, if you're interested, give NM a call.

  10. Thank you so much guys! I knew I could count on TPF!