Help!! Cashew or Mouse?

  1. Hi, I'm considering to get the stam, probably hobo, but still undecided. Which color is better? I've never seen both color in real life :confused1: . only pics... Thanks for the input..
  2. i prefer mouse, but that's only based on pics from tpf-ers!
  3. well....there's a cashew on sale at right now for $720, so that would aid my decision-making considerably :smile:

    both are gorgeous....i'd probably get mouse if all other things were equal, just because grey is such a unique neutral. but being able to get cashew for that price is pretty compelling, so if you're already undecided.... :smile:
  4. I like the cashew myself... more of a tan color. Not a huge fan of grey-taupe colored bags. Some people don't like the contrast stitching of cashew but I do. I think the advantage of mouse is that it's more neutral than cashew?
  5. I'll third the cashew anyday :yes:
    Such a nice colour for summer (since it is in Sydney) :rolleyes: