Help!CARTIER Trinity Ring or baby trinity chain??

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  1. :smile:Heyyy guys! I need help to decide what to get. I am keen on getting something for everyday wear! i thought i would either get the ring, or the baby trinity chain( which is a a miniature version of the trinity ring ie. size of a 5-cent coin on a yellow gold chain). Which do you reckon is better??

    If i get the ring, i could get it engraved and i could also wear it as a pendant as well as a ring. But the baby trinity chain would only be suited as pendant, although its really dainty and cute. The ring would be more chunky?? OPINIONS are much appreciated.:p
  2. It sounds like you like the option of the ring which you can turn into a necklace. I'd say go for the ring, it's actually nicer to have a real ring on a necklace than a fake I think. Plus you can change and only wear the ring.
  3. I'ld go for the ring :tup:
  4. I'd definitely go for the ring, it looks great as a pendant ! :yes:
  5. thanks for the opinions everyone.yeah ring seems to be a more versatile option.
  6. Ring, definitely.
  7. ring seems the better option !:smile:
  8. I would go for the ring .. is pretty !!