Help! Cartier Tank Francaise


Jun 28, 2012
Hello ladies,

I lost my heart to the tank francaise from Cartier and would like to buy a preloved one.

It took a long time but finally I found a trustworthy jeweler who has a good reputation when it comes to second-hand watches.

I looked at several tank francaise watches (small model) and discovered some differences in the numerals:

in some watches the numeral X has "Cartier" written in tiny letter as one of the legs of the X and in other watches the V of the numeral VII has the word "Cartier" written on one of the legs of the V, even though it is the small model (in the medium and big model the "Cartier" can also be found in the numeral VII). At the Cartier website the tiny writing is in the numeral X.

Due to this discrepancy I am kind of confused and would appreciate any help. Does any of you ladies have a tank francaise small with the writing in the numeral VII? Or does anyone know of this practice?


Jan 28, 2013
I have been researching Cartier watches for awhile. I have seen the secret signatures in both places on different watches. It could be when the watch was made, whether the watch is quartz or automatic movement or whether the watch has a date window.