[help] Cartier Sunglasses

  1. My brother is looking for a Cartier sunnies.

    Recently, he tried a Prada sunnies, and pretty like it.. but he wants a Cartier..
    I really have no idea bout sunnies by Cartier.. I only know they make very good eyeglasses. :p

    He didn't like Oakley style.. He wants something with professional looks.. (sorry.. I know he's kinda picky)

    Do u guys have any other recommendation for male sunnies?

    TIA :heart:
  2. Anybody...?? help me..
  3. You should call a cartier boutique. They don't have a huge selection of styles so it'll be pretty easy to narrow down.

    Some Saks counters have them as well.
  4. I like cartier only for glasses not for sunglasses. Paul smith, D&G, prada.. will be ok.