Help! Cartier Love or Rolex?

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I am having trouble trying to decide between a Cartier Love or a Rolex... I was/am so convinced that I want a Cartier Love (plain YG methinks, b/c the SA told me RG fades to YG anyway), but both family and friends are asking and encouraging me to go for a Rolex instead... I have not looked into Rolexes at all so I have no idea which one to go for etc... But is it really true that Rolex holds its value more than the Cartier Love?

    I am also a bit worried about the complaints regarding the Love's screw system. I have read so many posts on this forum about Love bracelets just falling off of peoples' wrists! That scares me so much!!

    What do you guys think? Main reason for me choosing the Cartier Love is because i love jewelry and don't have a bracelet that I can wear 24/7. I have some T&Co. SS bracelets but I don't like wearing them all the time because of the tarnishing.

    Any help/input would be so appreciated!
  2. I would get a Rolex. It is a beautiful time peace that you will have forever. I wear mine everyday and I would categorize it as "functional jewelry", Hehe! I think you will get more enjoyment out of the watch over the love bracelet. [emoji173]️ Let us know what you decide!
  3. If you do not have a "high brand" watch yet, I would advise you to buy a Rolex watch for sure.
  4. it all depends on a few things.. rolex at this price point ( less than 10k) you would have lesser options, mainly stainless steel, less complications, smaller size (?)..more basic (?)... it's not a fashion watch per se so you gotta see it as a long haul watch.. just saying u gotta love it ��i've seen rolexes resell online for half d original price so resale value i think depends on the watch specs.. the love bracelet holds better resale ( at least from what i see online) no matter which kind (plain, 4 diamond, 10 diamond, etc, yg/pgwg) but u gotta b ok checking its secure once in a while ( its a habit u get)& ok with it getting patina ( yg is best, shows scratches least- i have yg & wg).. if u think u will want both eventually consider the wrist u want to wear d bracelet only because ( aesthetic reasons, banging, scratching)... Sorry long post �� btw i got my bracelets before i decided on my rolex.. HTH
  5. Cartier love hands down. You'll never take it off. I never wear my Rolexes now that I have my H Apple Watch. Love stays on forever.

  6. I'd say, go with what you'll enjoy the most and what fits your lifestyle. Either way you won't go wrong. Both are classic brands that won't go out of style. Not to mention, you can always get the other later on! In my case, I got the Rolex first then the Love. I would be equally as happy if it were the reversed order.
  7. Depends on the price range of the rolex. But I would definitely go first with the watch and then the bangle. You could wait for the newer version of the love later this year and save for one. I hope they come a little bit cheaper than the ones on the market right now! Or get the cuff instead and your probabilities of it falling off are reduced greatly. Good luck with your decision!
  8. Thanks everyone for the input! I am going to check out some Rolex watches in person this week and see if I fall in love with anything... I know when it all comes down to it, you really just need to see it and see if the feeling of "I LOVE THIS!!!" is there, right?! Thanks all!! I very much appreciate everyone's input!
  9. The newer version of the Love is just supposed to be thinner right? I think I kind of like the thickness of the current one now! I did consider the cuff as well but it doesn't have that same 24/7 concept to it... I've also been reading a lot about the new screw system and it seems the most recent problems were around hopefully that has been fixed by now?... I wish i knew more about that. Thanks for your help!
  10. It has nothing to do with the original topic, but eBay is on your side if the guy states its genuine. If he states it has some flaws ask him where and what. Then you can buy it. If its fake you tell him and make out a deal, if he won't respond contact eBay or PayPal who will both refund you the money and handle something out. But never mention "fake" because that will force you to certify it as fake which is done in a Cartier boutique. Just state its not how it looks on the pictures.
  11. If the Love was what you wanted first, you should get that first! Good luck on making the choice and let us know what you decide.
  12. I have a YG LOVE and a Rolex. I think I wear the Rolex more. Both are great 24/7 pieces. Good luck!
  13. Thanks everyone for the help! I will be going into the store to check out some Rolex timepieces in person tomorrow... Will update once I know what my heart wants :biggrin:
  14. Why not a Cartier watch?
  15. I don't really have a good answer for that...Haha my eyes just gravitate toward Rolex timepieces over Cartier timepieces...
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