Help!Cartier Love Bangle, which size? Pics attached

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  1. Congratulations!!! The Love bangle looks so pretty on you! I prefer size 16. This bangle is supposed to be fitted. The 17 slides too far down in my opinion.
  2. Ah! You've already made your decision. Congratulations! Good that you've tried the bangle on your right wrist where you will wear your bangle! Enjoy!
  3. i think the 17 looked beautiful on! congrats!
  4. -Naw, only dreaming:love:

    I bought a Panerai watch a couple weeks ago so I can't buy a single thing else for many months

    YG would be what I'd want
  5. Dont worry ...your dreams will come true.....:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  6. -Aw that's sweet of you sg; maybe I can ask DH as a gift for 25th anniversary - but then I'd have to wait 3 years!:pout:
  7. Monica & bagaholic,
    Thanks for your input. I hope i don't end up wanting another 16 after i get the 17.... bad idea.....

    Congrats on your coming 25th, every reason to celebrate, start planning now, get those wishlists ready.....:graucho::happydance:
  8. Ooh congrats!! I had the same problem too and decided on the looks lovely on you!
  9. Dreamdoll,
    I am sure u can easily guess I hv the 'Kiasu Syndrome':blush:

    I shall look u up for Japan (H)appiness for some inspiration:graucho:

    Will do a an action pic when the bangle arrives.

    I am so grateful for all the wonderful ladies help, save me lots of sleepless nights.
  10. wow does it cost that much in Asia? I just checked cartier's usa website and it says yg no diamond s 3,850 pre tax......
  11. Cannot wait to see your action pic :smile:

  12. Hi! How much is a love bangle in singapore now?
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