Help!Cartier Love Bangle, which size? Pics attached

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  1. Jayne1,
    Hehe, you read my mind, plus I am preparing for folds and wrinkles on my wrist in 20 yrs ;)

    Look at these, so beautiful! These pics influence me towards size 17, then again , u r right, she probably wears it just for the show, and not having to clean and cook like me mere mortal?:biggrin:



  2. ^ She wears it so loose! It would slide up and down so much when she was doing the dishes and changing diapers. :P

    I don't think your wrist will grow that much that you have to get a size for when you may get fat. I've gone up and down and my wrist kind of stays the same. Also, you don't get folds and wrinkles on your wrist... lol

    But I do think you want the 17...
  3. I would choose the 16. That's where my Love bracelet sits on my wrist and it's not too tight and not too loose.

    I was originally sized up as an 18 but went for the 17. Best decision ever made!
  4. 6 inches
  5. Babalogist, Reese's pics show exactly how I wear my love bracelet in size 18 (but a little be tighter)!
    I just don't like the snug feeling because it makes me feel the bracelet all the time.
    The loose style gives me more opportunities to play with my watches and jewelry IMO.

    It totally depends on how you like the bracelet on your wrist!
  6. No_1_Diva,
    Thank you for sharing your experience.

    Size 17 on me also isn't as loose as Reese's. I think it can slide 2.5" up my wrist. I agree with you that it gives you more opportunities to layer it with others, not that I am that fashionable and creative :P

    Thank you again!
  7. Sweetie_sg,
    Thank you for taking the trouble to measure your wrist size for us. Was the pic you posted taken recently?

    My wrist size is 5.75", not much diff from yours. Are you consideing getting a 17 or you r still ok with 16?
  8. -Thanks! Mine is a 6.5, and I was trying to figure out what size might work, and I think maybe 17 or 18; of course I would go to the store to try on.
  9. Thank you all wonderful, kind and helpful ladies for your advice and sharing of your experience with choosing the bangle size. Yesterday I went with a friend to try the fitting again, and finally decided to go with size 17.

    The pic i posted show me wearing 17 on left hand, which is smaller than my right hand. Yesterday I tried both on my right hand, where i intend to wear it, and both are actually ok, but i decided to go with 17, slightly loose, but i fail the 'squeeze test', so should be ok.

    And I came back with my new Trinity ring. Looking forward for Cartier to call to collect my love bangle when it arrives.

    I think size 17 will be too small, i suggest try 18 and even 19.
  10. You're probably right about size for me -my wrists measure around 17
  11. What's the squeeze test? And please show us pics of your Trinity ring. I have a few of them myself. For some reason, I only like that style... :biggrin:
  12. maybe if i buy another one i would choose size 17. the photo was taken early this year. so have you decided yet which size to go for??:graucho::graucho::graucho:
  13. YES you try both size.. mine is yellow gold, are you looking at yellow gold too?:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  14. Congratulations, bagalogist!
    I was able to squeeze my hand into 18 few months ago (not easily), but not now (I am currently pregnant for 7 months...). I think I will be able to do it again after birth! :P

  15. I am not sure what size my wrist is.. but I know they tried to talk me into a size 17. I didnt want it to be able to flip over. I only wanted the underside to get scratched up... so got the smaller size so it wouldn't flip around.

    I have two 16's that I wear on the same wrist... and they both fit fine.
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