Help!Cartier Love Bangle, which size? Pics attached

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  1. If I were you, I will choose 17.
    I got the same problem when I purchased my plain WG love bangle.
    I finally got 18 (my wrist size is around 5.5-6 inches) because I don't like the snug feeling after trying the 16...
    I wear mine everyday (without taking it off) and I just love the loose feeling because it doesn't bother me at all (16 was too tight)!
    Good luck on your decision.
  2. I went through the same thing......I bought the 17 after FINALLY deciding on 17 rather than 16..........wore it for a week........and I felt that it was too big, and had too much movement on my wrist. So I called the store, and said I could exchange it for a 16. That's what I wear now. Anytime I see pictures of Celebs with the's pretty fitted! I think b/c you wear it 24/ shouldn't feel it flipping around......did this make sense? JMO
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  3. AMJ,
    Your wrist is smaller than mine and you r wearing 18, daily??

    What is the measurement of your wrist? Do u hv action pic of your love bangle here?

    If either size is passable, personally I prefer size 17, that is if it doesn't look like i am wearing someone's else, or looks totally the wrong size. Someone posted a link of Reese Whitherspoon's love bangle and it looks loose, not fitted but still beautiful.

    So, I am just wondering if you can either do fitted or loose, or it should always be fitted.

    I was thinking with my love ring, when my finger has so much wrinkles and folds in the skin that the ring can't fit anymore, i can always wear it as pendant, but what am i going to do with an expensive love bangle that i had outgrown????

    How much should we factor 'potential wrist size growth' for the future?

    Arrrrghhh, DH said if i had not bought it, I wouldn't have this dilemma.....
  4. I'm confused at why it's not supposed to move around, when people seem to agree that is a good look.
  5. The thought of the bracelet hugging my wrist makes me want to hyperventilate......I would go with the 17. But, for me personally, I wear all of my rings a little loose too. Get whatever feels good to you since it's basically a 24/7 piece of jewelry. Good Luck. I hope to get my bracelet this year.
  6. That's right, because it is supposed to fit snug. But if you want a loose bangle style, then get the 17.

    You can go back to the store and try them on again... it's hard to deicide at home without the bracelet in front of you.
  7. We like the look of a loose bangle because it makes our hands look smaller. But the Love Bracelet is supposed to fit more snug and not move around and stay on forever. So it's more practical if it is smaller.
  8. Jayne1,
    You are right, i think I am going back to the store (at least 1.5 hr) to try both on again. I am inspired and like the look on Reese Witherspoon, which is rather loose but wonder if it's practical for everyday wear.

    Thank you for patiently answering all my questions, you r a gem!

    Right now, I am still torn between 16 and 17. Look vs practical daily wear ?
  9. I meant that I really didn't like the feeling of it moving around too much, since I wear it 24/7. It makes me aware of the bracelet, and the fact that I need a screwdriver to get it, I'd rather not "notice" it on!:nuts:
  10. I totally agree with this too!
  11. -What size is your wrist, sweetie_sg?
  12. I strongly recommend the 17. If I bought the 16, I would not be happy. The 17 is not too big IMO!
  13. Hokaplan,
    I am going to drive 1.5 hr to cartier this afternoon to double check, may i ask you the measurement of your wrist size, pls? I know this is a bit too much to ask, so sorry.....
  14. Where is the Reese picture? I love seeing pics of the same jewellery as me. But Reese is an actress, she probably doesn't wear it for long periods of time.

    I think you secretly want the 17 because it hangs down.
  15. Here is Brooke Shields wearing hers in a very causal way. It's hard to see the Love bracelet because she wears other bracelets. (I do that too.)


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