Help!Cartier Love Bangle, which size? Pics attached

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  1. Cartier's prices went up today in our local boutique.

    Yesterday, I bought a pair of trinity rings for myself and DH,plus a YG love bangle, an impulsive buy:P

    My wrist size is 5 3/4 inch or 14.5 cm. I couldn't decide between size 16 and 17, and got even more confused when my SA recommended size 16 while the assistant manager recommended size 17, oh DEAR!?

    I have paid for the love bangle in full but they hv to order a new piece for me.Meanwhile, I would be grateful if the wonderful and experienced ladies here could help me pick my size.

    Is size 16 too fitting? What abt size 17, way too loose? I didnt try the squeeze test to see if i could squeeze my hand out of size 17.

    The photos show how far they drop down my hands. I prefer size 17 but am afraid if it's too loose, it becomes clumsy and i may appear like i am trying to justify a bigger size for my future weight increase.:graucho:

    The problem is, after 4 pregnancies, I don't think my wrist is going to grow fatter than this.

    Therefore, I shoud be buying for my current wrist/hand size:P

    Appreciate your kind advice and input. Thanks a million!



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  2. I think the one on the left looks perfect, I dont think you are supposed to squeeze your hand out of it.
  3. I was in exact sitiation when I purchased mine. I always said a 16 and 1/2 would be perfect. Too bad they don't make halves. When my SA (also store manager) put on the 16, he said that was my size. But he decided to put 17 on just to compare. BTW, I've had 3 kids! He and I both agreed that the 17 was better. Everything swells in summer and there was not a lot of extra space in the 16. It might have annoyed me. I'm very happy that I did the 17. Please tell me how much the bracelet prices went up! Mine is a plain WG bangle. Thanks so much and good luck!
  4. if yoiu tend to swell up in the summer months, go with the 17
  5. Definately go with the 17. I had the same dilemma you do, and now (18) years later, I can barely get mine on, it is not comfortable, and makes my wrist look chubby -- and I am 5'0 feet and 105 pounds! I think mine is due to learning how, and constantly playing tennis!
  6. Sammyjoe,

    Thanks for your input.I don't intend to squeeze my hand out but does size 17 seems to drop too much, ie too loose? My only concern is if in the unfortunate event that i gain weight in the future, it will explode ;) and I don't think my both my daughters will hv such small bone to wear size 16 as mine ;)

    Congratulations to you on your love bangle! Wow, you were in the same dilemma as me?! Glad that you sorted yours out and happy with your decision. I bought mine yesterday at USD$4405 equivalent, but today it's USD$5155, what a pain!

    Where I am is sunny all the time, except when I am in an aircond room or place. I tried both of them on around 12 noon in the boutique.
  7. Winston,
    Thank you for sharing your experience, really appreciate your input.

    How can a 105lb person ever feels that the wrist looks chubby?? I am sure your love bangle looks perfect on you!!! Having had it for 18 years, do you still think it's worth 'investing'? I am so bad, never worked through the opportunity cost process, pressured by the price increase. I was deciding between this or Hermes Kelly long wallet.
  8. I didnt think about the future, I just based it on how it looks on your wrist today. Your right in the future you will want to pass it down, plus the SA does have a lot of experience and if he suggests the 17, its best to listen to that advice.

    I really do think the love bangle is a real keeper, it is a classic, the kelly wallet is also lovely but its just a wallet, it would be great to get both in time. Get the item you love the most now. Hermes will always make the Kelly wallet, plus it will come in different colours, materials etc.

    Its a lovely choice to make, just take your time :yes:
  9. Wow - did it really go up over $600? I'm shocked. I purchased mine in October. I think you will enjoy it forever. Are they honoring the old price for you?
  10. Sammyjoe,
    Very sweet of you! Thanks so much!

    I paid the old price in full yesterday, so techinically I bought it before the price increase. It's just that the SA offered to order a new piece for me as the one I tried on was a display piece.

    Have you been wearing yours since oct? Are you still conscious of its presence? Does it get in the way, assuming you wear yours on your right wrist? I have never wore bracelet or bangle in my entire life, wonder how when I play badminton ( quite aggressive, I am afraid) and how it's going feel when i smash, hehe;)

    From the pictures above, which size do u recommend i should get?
  11. I think the one on the left looks best. If its to loose its going to clank on everything especially when you are writing or typing.
  12. The bracelet will clank no matter how tight or loose it is. Just because it is there, it will hit things. I do like the way the left one looks but for me - it is too small. I couldn't do it.

    bagalogist - As soon as I return from Disney, I will put Love bracelet back on. I took it off for a Florida trip over Christmas because it is a pain at airport security. But after this trip, I'm not flying again until September. So it will be back on from April-September!
  13. bagologist - Please tell me which country had price increases on Love collection. I just called a boutique in U.S. and they have NO knowledge of any increase from headquarters. The last increase here was September 2008. But they said when they do them - it is usually May and/or September.
  14. #14 Mar 8, 2010
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    Singapore and Malaysia. 2 weeks ago, my sis from Australia asked me to buy a pair of love rings, was told by M'sia boutique that the price would increase March 1st.

    I was pleasantly surprise when I walked into Singapore Cartier and was told they had delayed it till march 8. I bought my trinity ring but they didn't hv DH size.

    I went back to Malaysia Cartier March 7, just before the price increase on March 8, to get DH his trinity ring and the love bangle.

    I have a feeling this round of increase is probably applicable to ASIA since my SA told me they had not increased the price in 2 yrs, thus a 17% increment on the love bangle and 15% increment on the trinity ring.

    Previously DH and I had a pair of the love rings for our 15th anniv, sunddenly i am tempted and burning big hole in his pocket. Looks like the whole family hv to go on TOFU and salad diet for the next few months ;)

    If the last increase in US was 2008 ( 2 yrs ago), I am sure the next increase will be very very soon. Usually the price increase for most of the high end designer brands around the globe are around the same time.

    Go complete your Cartier wishlist before they further increase their price ;)
  15. I would get the 17
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