Help!! Cartier Ballon Bleu 33mm eBay authenticity


Jan 2, 2008
I had been looking for this watch for quite sometime, did some research and I had a feeling it should be authentic and the seller seemed reputable (well a bit silly as it’s 100% but only from 12 feedbacks) it’s got photos of the inside so I thought it’s gotta be authentic. Didn’t think of bidding first time it ended at £2055 and it came up again I placed a low-ish bid and thought I’d get outbidded anyway but ended up winning. So my paranoid self now has been so stressed out doing proper research and I then realise that there’s a big chance it might be a fake :’) I already paid for it but want to try to find some evidences to cancel my transaction if it wasn’t real. Please help.
15D5B21E-6D5C-4C28-94F7-2A3E2452BCAA.png 0ABDA34D-24FE-4FF5-A8AE-57DB451B8FDD.png 98E68687-B073-457E-A344-B0FD60911214.png 631F0E91-4CFD-43C1-8274-2904DF257996.png 631F7A14-2225-45AA-AC94-FA74A1D963E1.png E9B14A2D-5606-485C-9DB5-3897B8ADD360.png 036B0F05-6D72-4CDE-ADED-E3FB4288253D.png 55A681F4-027F-452B-A8E9-8A681606E92E.png 7A0B3BD2-D771-4101-BD98-754215042ADB.png B8A30460-87F1-4390-80E0-27DA9A8043F7.png 5C86C387-98C0-4168-AB31-20C7533A3C08.png