Help! Caring for a white and light brown suede bag

  1. I have a white furla Royal Tote (just like this but in white:

    the white is a greyish white and the brown for mine is actualy light brown's very lovely but i haven't been using it yet since i bought it in Sept 'cuz it's so easy to get dirty! i normally use Danier spray to protect my leather...but this bag is white with light brown suede and i dun wanna damage it esp i dunno how the white and suede would react...anyone has suggestions?

    i really wanna start using this bag soon
  2. Buy Wilson's TLC Leather and Suede Protector. Either from their website or you can find it on eBay.
  3. so one spray can be used for both leather and suede?
  4. Yes.... :smile:
  5. all that product is is a straight forward flurocarbon that can be used on anything, leather, suede, cloth, etc. If your in the USA try ADV Leather over in SF. I believe they actually provide the products to lovin my bags