HELP!! Canvas Chipping!! Is this normal?

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  1. So I was in Future Shop buying a new camera..and I put my mono Speedy 30 on the counter, and I happen to see some chipping on the backside!! SOO Im freaking out, and my mom is like "oh well, its just a purse"
    and Im like :wtf:"MOM, THIS ISNT JUST A PURSE!!, THIS IS MY BABY!!"
    Ive seriously baby'd her since I got her in March, she is absolutely perfect.. I honestly feel like crying!!

    Can someone please tell me this is normal, and I havent seriously damaged my beautiful Speedy:crybaby:


  2. hmmm, I think i'll go check mine...:sad: sorry, you should take it back to the boutique and their opinion...if it is a defect they will fix it!! good luck hun...
  3. wow...I've only seen that on REALLY old Speedies! how old is yours? how/where do you store it?
  4. I only bought it a few months ago in March!! I keep it it the dust bag in my closet.
  5. I have never seen that happen before... Could you have possibly scrached it somewhere or left it out in the sun/heat. Normally they are quite easy to maintain. Try taking it to the store, I believe you may have 2 yrs manufacturer warranty. Check with the SA.
  6. I'd call LV customer service and ask them for their advice or go back to the store if possible.
  7. eeeeekkk the only problem is Im about 17 hours away from a LV boutique. I bought it in Vancouver, and Im in Ontario.
  8. Call the nearest boutique first and see what they have to say before making the trip. They may have you ship it to them instead.
  9. Im going to call Toronto Holts tomorrow.. thanks so much for everyones advice, its greatly appreciated!
  10. your closest store would be the one in toronto.. maybe try sending them a picture and see if you can mail it to them to be looked at?
  11. I really hope they can fix it! that definitely sounds like a defect to me....
  12. I hope so too. Hopefully they will give you a new one
  13. It most certainly looks like a defect to me. I have had bags for over 20 years that never did that.
  14. Is your speedy a speedy 30. If so, I have found that so many of us, unrealizing, skim a wall with it when carrying it and white marks are sometimes left. If this is what it is, I have gotten the white wall marks off by lightly rubbing a mr clean magic eraser on over it a it all comes off. Now you should be able to feel over it and if you feel an indentation than yes it may actually be damage to the canvas, but if you do not feel anything when you run your fingers over it, its likely a white mark from rubbing agains something like a wall and it does come off!
  15. Oh no! I hope things goes well and they get it fixed! Yes, do what you can to get this problem sorted out. Hopefully it's only a defect. Best of luck. :heart: