Help! Can't use any enhancing features

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  1. I can't bold, change font , post links or images using the icons in the edit window. When I type HTML the post shows up looking okay.
  2. ^ same here merika! everything was fine until about 10 minutes ago and then the problem occurred.
  3. When did this start?
  4. For me: Since about 1 or 2 pm EST. I can't separate paragraphs or use the smilies in my posts either.
  5. i checked my options and the settings were correct - enhanced (instead of basic or standard). but html would crop up in my messages and the paragraphing wouldn't work either.

    i've since changed it to standard settings instead and the only hassle now is that i need to type out the codes manually. smilies aren't working either, which is a real bummer.
  6. ^^Same here. I'm using Firefox to browse the web.
  7. Still not working?? :confused1:
  8. I am on firefox too but having no problems... Let me make sure Vlad pops back in here
  9. Nope. This is what the screen looks like when I try to edit something: (I had to use HTML to get the image to work) [​IMG]
  10. Oh you are using the old format. I haven't gotten around to adjust the templates yet for that old format since the script update from yesterday. Try the new skin and let me know if that gives you troubles, too.
  11. Sorry Vlad, can't change to the new skin either. Everything's just stuck. If it's something you have to update, then I can put up with it for a while, though my posts may end up looking a little funny!
  12. I am having the same difficulties. It started yesterday afternoon. No smileys I get strange things in the text box and my replies to messages are all crazy. I am on spring version but when I look at the little chooser box it says purple so I change it spring hoping that is the problem but it is just the same. I have restarted my machine a couple of times thinking it was the problem but I don't think it is. When I click on any of the features like the smileys or text features it sends me to the top of the page. I don't know what I am doing wrong
  13. You all aren't doing anything wrong... there is some sort of glitch or something that didn't stay up to date with the update (oxymoron, I know).

    Vlad will figure it out... sit tight, and have fun writing funky looking posts!!! :amuse:
  14. Same here!
  15. i've tried browsing the forum on a mac, and nope, enhanced features aren't working on the safari browser either for me.