Help! Can't take pics

  1. I am getting so disgusted! I want to sell an item on eBay but for the life of me cannot take a decent close up w/digital camera. Been sitting here for hours, taking pics, downloading, deleting and starting again, AHHHHH! I have the book but no luck. FIRST, I put on auto, portrait, or manuel? Tried them all. SECOND, Flash or no flash, tried both, tried macro, no macro. This sucks! I need to take clear pic of authenticity card. tags, etc. How does everybody do this?
  2. Can you take the item outside for better light? I get the BEST pictures outside.
  3. Thats a good idea, I'll try it. Thanks!
  4. Try it in macro mode, then get about 6 inches away. Hold the button down slightly so that the auto focus enables, then press all the way to take the pic.

    Of course, that's my camera so your cam might be totally different. Did I miss where you posted what kind of cam you have?
  5. Thanks guys! I took the pics outside and it worked. Something so simple......
  6. use the flower button on yer does closeup shots in detail
  7. Great explanation. I was trying to figure out what it was "officially" called. Flower button is good enough for me - and it works!!
  8. It's officially called/known as "macro".