Help! Can't open my pochette extender

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  1. I have pushed, pulled and tried to twist the little ring and it won't budge. :shrugs: Pretty please help me open it. It is this one from Let-Trade. TIA

  2. OK, it's kind of hard to explain, but easy to do

    on the round part, between the gap made by the outer circle, grab the flat part [with the letters] and pull it up towards the rest of the keychain & rotate the outer circlr until it opens..... I type slowly so you probably already have the answer. Hope it helped

    Yours looks a bit different than mine, I think it's older but the general idea is the same. That outer circle rotates around until the gap is open.
  3. it's moving...a bit

    Ah Ha! It's gunked up.
  4. Got it! Thanks! :yes: It is still a little stiff but a squirt of WD40 has got it moving.
  5. i had this same problem with my cles! thank goodness for this forum, or else i would have forced it open with a screwdriver!
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