HELP!!! Can't make a choice...

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  1. I personally don't like the tortuga handled one. I like the taupe/gray one. That being said that is only cos I would have more stuff to match the grey. I've never been a big fan of brown. What do you have in your wardrobe? I mostly have pink, lilac, peach (girly colours mostly). I have some (very few) greens and maroons but they are all light shades.

    Go with the tortuga one if you like it. In my opinion I think you might get more use out of it. I like the taupe/gray cos it's simple.
  2. OOOOH definately the grey one!! I love this colour and the leather is TDF!!:heart:
  3. The grey for sure, I love that color!
  4. i'd vote for the 2nd one if it wasnt for the handles! go for the grey one =)
  5. I think I prefer the first tortuga, the gray is bland without the flowers! Or, GET THE WISTERIA :nuts:
  6. Touch choice. But I would say neither. Get the black patent one. It's gorgeous!!! It makes me fall in love all over again with the Spy.
  7. Yeah Sherry has the wisteria and it is beautiful!! You should direct ali w to that thread!
  8. defo the grey one.
  9. Zucca print