Help, can't lie down due to cough, so no sleep.

  1. I've been struggling with a nasty chest infection for a good week now,
    it started as a sore throat, then my toncils and glands got inflamed and my chest (sternum) hurt. Everything has gone down except a the chest thing, which is still painful and a huge discomfort.
    I still feel kinda groggy and nauseater but all in all much better than earlier in the week. The cough that comes with it is making me miserable though: it's sort of ok during the day but at night I cannot lie down, the scratchiness in my chest gets so bad I just cough and cough, literally till I have tears running down my face. Any nodding off gets interrupted and I have to sit as straight up as I can. Unfortunately I can't sleep in that position.
    I've got the window open, coz it eases it a bit and am not wearing my flanel pj's coz that also made it worse. I do doze off near the morning but then I spend the next two hours coughing so much and so violently, I threw up once.

    I haven't had a night's sleep in five days, even my sleeping tablet did not help. Doctor is not an option till Monday (work). Does anyone have àny tips?
  2. can your doctor prescibe a cough suppresant so you can get some rest at nite at least.
  3. i hope you feel better soon.
  4. I had a terrible cough last year that kept waking me up throughout the night for about a week, it was hellish!

    The thing that I found helped a little was that numbing throat spray you get in the pharmacy for sore throats- each time I woke up coughing I would spray it liberally on the back of my throat and it kind of desensitized everything enough for me to fall back to sleep again. Good luck!
  5. When that happened to me I would try to fall asleep sitting up w/cough drop in my mouth.
  6. That happened to me when I had bad bronchitis. It stops enough to let you sleep around 5am, right? And gets a lot worse in the evening? I could only sleep from 5am-11am when I had it. Nothing I tried helped, including sleeping in a reclining position. The only thing that helped were antibiotics and hot showers/tea to open up my lungs. You need to clear out the fluid and gunk in your lungs and get to that dr as soon as you can on Monday. It's probably a virus that has to run its course but it can be awful until it does.
  7. I have asthma and get a bad cough once or twice a year, the type that lingers for a month. Sleeping propped up on pillows helps a little. Cough syrup with codeine is the only thing that really does the trick, though. Antibiotics won't help if it's a virus.
  8. if you are bringing up mucus, then a cough suppressant is not a good idea, as it wouldnt get out, and a chest infection could follow it up. i would go for a cough medicine that is designed for night (not sure what is availabl on the market for you). good luck, coughs are HORRIBLE at night
  9. Cough medicine w/ codeine prescribed by a doctor really helps. Also I would pile up the pillows to elevate your head. It's the worst feeling, I know!
  10. ^^^Just got over this and the pillow idea is the best. Prop yourself up and keep your room cool. Have some hot tea with honey, lemon and bourbon. That really helped me sleep along with some cough meds. Hope you feel better!
  11. That's exactly it!
  12. The only thing that will really stop a cough is codeine. Hope you feel better.
  13. It's two things, then- part of it is suffering it through with the remedies that others suggested and the other is going to the doctor, finding out if it's bacterial or viral and then getting the meds that will take care of the issues. Meds won't cure it completely if it's a virus, though.

    Just take good care, stay strong and know it'll take 2-3 weeks to recover from this. I lost 5 lbs from not being able to eat anything.
  14. Right, been to doctors! PITA really, drag carcass out the door and sit waiting and waiting... :sick: But anyhoo, got a selection of syrups, tablets and sprays. Still need to sit up to try to sleep and still cough up a lung most of the evening/night but I have doc's guarantee all should be improving in a week or so. Also, she says it is contagious so I have inadvertedly made a lot of tourists ill... may have started a pandemic... :nuts: (I am of course kidding... love tourists... could just suqeeze 'em tight till there's not a breath left in their little bodies... love 'em)
  15. Feel better soon! You'll be pretty tired for awhile even after the cough goes away.