Help! Can't hurt DH's feelings...

  1. My DH thought he was getting me a real BBag. Well it's not. I am going to have to carry it for a while so his feelings aren't hurt. I really need a bigger purse than what he got me. This one just doesn't have enough room. I don't even know which real style this one is "like". On the plate it has N0158C and has a shoulder strap. Could you tell me which one I might like so I can show him a real one and hint that I need a bigger bag? Please.....I don't want to carry a fake forever!!!:throwup:
  2. actually... you shouldnt wear it. try and get your $$ back and put that towards an authentic bbag. sounds like you might have a classsique, and might prefer the city bag. check out the bags in the wearing your balenciagas sticky! good luck!
  3. I just want to add how sweet I think that is.. mine did the same thing and I just thought that was soooo thoughtful :love: I mean, a man looking for a purse is just the cutest thing-- totally done out of love!

    That being said, I agree with mocean. I know my husband would rather me actually love what he gave me than me pretend to love it and secretly want something else (he's really logical that way). See if you can get his money back-- then find yourself a real bag together :smile:
  4. Thanks for the advice.
  5. That's so sweet of him but can you swap it for an authentic one? Like buy an authentic one in that same color and style and pretend he bought it. Or get that Purse you want!
  6. Did he get it off of eBay? I sure hope he didn't pay the "real" price...
  7. I am not sure where he got it. More than likely ebay. But I don't think he paid the real price. I would have noticed that much money missing! My daughter likes it so I might carry it for a little while and then let her have it and get me a real one.