Help - can't get silver CDC off!

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  1. Hi everyone - recently received some Hermes goodies and was excited to try on my new silver CDC cuff. In the store I opened it up with out any problems but I can't seem to get it off and am starting to panic. Does anyone have one where you can explain the mechanics to me and where I should push?? Thanks so much!!
  2. there should be pics/video posted in the CDC Clubhouse thread.. i don't remember where though, but try the search function... good luck, once you get the hang of it, it is easy peasy.
  3. Thanks so much any help would be appreciated. I know I'm supposed to squeeze the side but it's not budging ah!
  4. omg i don't know how to explain it without pics, but yes there is the side with the hinge (the part which has wider space between the studs), you push in, i use my 2-4th fingers, and then i swing my wrist over, and the top part just swings open due to gravity. i hope i am making sense with my explanation here...
  5. Near where those studs r
    Push it
    At the hinge part
  6. Why does Hermes make these things so you need to be a rocket scientist to figure them out? There was a cadena once I needed the help of the whole forum to understand how to open the dang thing....
  7. There are two pieces of metal under the studs do I push the bottom one or the top one? Neither seem to work. Starting to envision calling in the firemen to saw it off. :sad:
  8. Push the one under the lip. It will release.
  9. Thank you so much for trying to help but it's not budging. Thinking maybe since wrist is getting swollen. Will try tomorrow. Thanks again!
  10. give it a pause and come back to it... you are probably panicking right now. if it's any consolation, i had to sleep with mine the first time i got it also. it was a gift from DH and he had no idea how to get it off :P was close to showering with it on, but luckily i figured it out on my own the next day. is there anyone around to help you?
  11. Yes dh is sleeping now and I'll ask him to help with it tomorrow. Worried I might have damaged it. I guess my one question is under the studs there is a short silver bar resting on top of a large bar. Is the short bar the hinge release or the long bar??
  12. I once felt like this when I couldn't get my Kelly jumping boots off by myself...!
  13. Just squeeze it where the metal joins - don't push anything or look for clasps, just squeeze :smile: It'
  14. This is my biggest fear. Having to sleep with my CDC on if DH wasn't around. When new, the clasp is very tight and the catch doesn't release easily. I hope it's ok now.