Help! Can't find Botkier Chrystie mini in black!

  1. I've recently been jonesing for a black purse that's unique looking and has a lot of pockets, and I just discovered the Botkier Chrystie mini. :drool: I know, I know... I'm a bit behind. I love all the compartments in Botkiers, but I didn't care for the tassels since I had a bad experience catching a tassel in a door.

    But now that I've decided that a black leather Botkier Chrystie mini would be perfect, I can't find one anywhere! :wtf: I've googled for hours (nothing available in the US) and emailed Botkier (still waiting for a reply), but I want one now! :hysteric:

    Does anyone know where I could get one?? Am I doomed??